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Phoenix ComiCon!

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Well… this year was nothing if not interesting. Despite the near-shooting, the total lack of comic-book-related guests, the stifling security lines in the heat, the almost-not-being-able-to-take-down-my-booth… it was actually one of my best... READ MORE


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  Time for another convention, which means the “Bonus Rounds” Re:Bomb! Trading Cards are back in action! Honestly, I know Chicago’s deep-dish is one of those things where actual Chicagoians don’t care about what style... READ MORE

1/21/17: Women’s March

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“Much love to all my friends on social media who are marching today” ~My friend on FB with a disability which renders her unable to march “Dang, I wish I could go, but... READ MORE

10/28: Mockingbird #8

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  Hey guys! So at Annie Erskine’s suggestion, I drew up a thing to show support for the #StandWithChelsea hashtag, which supports the artist Chelsea Cain, who (wrote/drew) Mockingbird, a Marvel series that... READ MORE