Women’s March

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“Much love to all my friends on social media who are marching today” ~My friend on FB with a disability which renders her unable to march

“Dang, I wish I could go, but sometimes these protests get crazy and I have to make sure I’m there for my kids.” ~My Hispanic coworker who was afraid of getting arrested


These women are why I was out there today. I knew a whole heap of people with friends who couldn’t make it. And I was in a group of thousands. (two separate sources report 20k in Phoenix alone here and here, with 36k across AZ) Let’s assume that even half these protesters knew a friend who would’ve wanted to make it and couldn’t: 36k + 18k?! That’s a whole hell of a lot of people. Families, Men, Women, Non-Binaries, people of all abilities, race, orientation… the list goes on and ON.

So it was nice. It was amazing to know how many people were out there, standing in support of love and inclusivity.






(Also I PROMISE the next post will be about something other than feminism haha, I sometimes have more than a one-track mind)

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