Setting out for Emerald City Comicon!

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Hello, everyone! The wee hours of tomorrow morning mark my departure to beautiful Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con! If you’re planning on floating around the convention and see me wandering the floor and selling comics out of my backpack, come say hi! I’ll also be at Jessi Jordan‘s booth Friday and Saturday afternoon! Here, we’ll have They Have Issues pins, paper dolls and the physical copies of our coloring books for sale!



I’ll also be debuting my tasty Re:Bomb! Exclusive Trading Cards! That’s right, these babies are signed and numbered from 1-100 and will be coming out ALL YEAR, at every convention I tour through! Each features a special “skin” on Addie’s Fantasy Fighters characters that will tie in to the theme of the convention, and once they’re gone, they’re not going to be reprinted! I thought it made a fun little hand-out :3

See you soon!

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