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Time for another convention, which means the “Bonus Rounds” Re:Bomb! Trading Cards are back in action! Honestly, I know Chicago’s deep-dish is one of those things where actual Chicagoians don’t care about what style of pizza their friends and family eat… But covering the cast in gooey cheese seemed fun to draw. Plus, we got more characters in there! Maybe by Phoenix ‘Con we’ll see Vi on one of these things. And as always, Mr. Neko, aka “The Walking, Purring Marketing Opportunity” is a must for every card.



In other news, I’ll be releasing an extra-special comic for the publishers at C2E2! My latest stuff has been suuuuuuuper sketchy recently, so I figured it was time to put out something with some actual line quality and action-based choreography again. Here’s a preview of some D&D fluff between my friend and I’s characters! No idea what format this will be in for the final product! Will I print it? Will it be a prize for something ELSE?! Who knows!


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