Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday Celebration!

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Captain America, created by Jack Kirby.


The comics world has a LOT going on to celebrate The King’s birthday, and my participation takes place this weekend! For full event details go here.

There’s going to be SO much going on at this event! We’ll be creating our works live in the window of Drawn to Comics, and if you swing by we’ll have lots of stuff going on as well!

  • Kirby trivia, with prize giveaway original sketches by the artists
  • A small camera crew, who will be interviewing not only the artists, but also the audience for our thoughts on Kirby. Stop in and mill around if you wanna be in a video!
  • Live art!

I’m… honestly not too sure how jazzed I am over that “live art” one. That means you guys get to see me frantically come up with a premise, do layouts(?), pencil and ink everything, and then color (maybe). That basically means I have to count on being able to create one page per hour, and after all the pre/post work that’ll mean I need to budget for LESS time, so pencil/inks in like 30/45mins. And OF COURSE.. I’ll be livestreaming all of it. God help me.

Come by and bring me coffee and hugs, watch the bloodshot veins in my eyes pop, and we’ll all have a great time! 😀


Edit: The Teaser Trailer is Out!

Russ Kazmierczak posted the preliminary trailer for the full series, out in October! I’m pretty stoked for this thing, it’s so goofy and fun and we pay tribute to Kirby on top of it all! The full series will make its debut in October!

Edit: Comics are now out!

So, the format for this comic has actually been rattling around in my head for a year now!  In keeping with Re:Bomb!’s video-game theme, I printed up the 24-Hour Comic and stuffed it inside a gameboy color cartridge, along with a ton of other goodies for you guys! These little bundles are $10 each, and come with two stickers, an online code, a pin and the 32-page, 2″ mini-comic I created on the day of the Jack Kirby Celebration.

Gameboy cartridges seem difficult to find these days for SOME reason, so I’ll be opening up sales to the two conventions I have this month (San Diego and Phoenix Zine Fests!) before putting them on my online shop! Keep an eye out for when these puppies release!

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