San Diego ‘Zine Fest and the Sickest Mini-Comic I’ve Made

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Hello again all! This week marks my voyage out to San Diego for the San Diego ‘Zine Fest, which is stretching over two days for the first time! And what a surprise I have for you…


Ta-DAAA! In keeping with Re:Bomb!’s gaming theme, we have a cartridge stuffed full of goodies, including stickers, a pin, and a 28-page mini-comic! Remember the ol’ Jack Kirby 100th Birthday Event I attended a month back? Well that comic ended up being completed over the span of one night, and I was actually pretty proud of it. It’s totally self-contained, gives loyal readers some extra content that won’t be seen on the webcomic side for a while, while giving new readers a taste of Addie’s personality and what the Re:Bomb! world is like. Other than it being black-and-white, I’m pretty proud of it and I don’t think I’d change much even if I had more than 24 hours.

Well, looking at it fresh I suppose there could have been a minor attempt at backgrounds, but with the finished product being only 2″ wide, maybe that would’ve been crowded… Speaking of its tiny size, don’t worry! I did print out and proofread the images on Instagram, so while it’s minuscule, it should all print beautifully! And for those of you who don’t wanna break out the reading glasses, I even included a download code for the digital large-sized book!

One of the things I really like about ‘Zine culture is just how artistic it can get. Because let’s face it, this is NOT a practical way to create a comic. But it’s an entire package and it fits so well into the theme of Re:Bomb! that I know I’ll find people to appreciate the “cool” factor here. At ‘zine fairs and distros across the country I see things screen-printed on paper bags, rolled into a scroll format, books that unfold into wall posters… the way ‘zines revolutionize print culture is totally mind-blowing and I’m excited to throw this contribution out there.

***NOTE: These WILL be up for sale over at eventually. At present, I only have 20 of them made (surprisingly, Gameboy color cartridges are hard to rustle up in this day and age) so they’ll be going out to the ‘zine fairs in San Diego and Phoenix before hitting the online store for the second print run.

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