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Re:Bomb! on ReBoots hehe… that’s a mouthful.

Anywhoo, I finally got around to doing a write-up on this RAD podcast I was on recently: ReBoots is run by Tracy Winchell, where she interviews people about a time in their lives where they’ve had to “reboot” their careers, personal lives, etc. I met her at my day job working on her website, and we hit it off so well that she wanted to interview me :^)

ReBoots isn’t my first interview, certainly, but what I really liked about this podcast was how much it made me think as I tried to answer her questions. I’m pretty used to the standard, “You’re a female AND you work in comics?! How is THAT?” and the usual, “Where do these ideas come from because I bet you can answer that in a succinct, quotable phrase” but what Tracy bothered to ask was refreshing because it skipped over all the usual junk and got right into the nitty-gritty. Among the questions I had were:

  • Biggest Failure? (Hired Guns of course… RIP)
  • Time You Had to Reboot? (Zoella… ARGH)
  • Advice to Someone who Wants to Start a Project but is Afraid of Failure (that moment actually got quoted on her podcast page!)

So yeah, it was really cool being able to pass on my experiences, plus I actually sounded halfway professional! (Except for the amount of times I said “yeah…” I suggested we play a drinking game while listening to it, and my boyfriend said no because he didn’t want alcohol poisoning…) If you’re interested in my answers, check out the podcast on its Facebook page, or on iTunes!

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  1. You’re the best, Zoe! Thank you for your time. The website you’ve been helping me with? It goes live later this week!

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