The Final Video… And Possible Viewing Party?

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Welp, the final video is out from Russ and Kyle Kazmierczak! This concludes the 9-part release of Russ’ Kirby for a Day project, honoring one of the greats with a 24-hour-comic and a mini-documentary. It was a ton of fun to do, and I’m happy to announce the final vid. It’s pretty cool getting to watch all of the side interviews Russ got to do with the Drawn to Comics staff, cause of course I was upstairs working the whole time. I’m proud to have finished, though I did take it down to the wire… Of course, I ALSO had 32 pages instead of 24, so I suppose I’m not really that mad at myself.

One of the things I kinda love here is when the video pulls up a couple images from each of our comics. Jan’s has his father/son story, which leans towards the slice-of-life genre with the subject matter and his soft ink washes. Birdie’s got his hyper-animated bunnies, in his usual cute style… And then, there’s me. My comic frame, which contains the only swear word in the entire season, with my angry little main character calling out the bad guy.

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I just… feel that Kirby would be proud, lol. This piece is just super angry, a real product of our political climate and… yeah, I feel like I channeled him right. Also, if you wanna see more of this comic, you can buy it here. The $10 version is leftover from my recent ‘zine shows, and includes a pin, two stickers and comes in a really rad Gameboy case. But I’ll be releasing a much cheaper downloadable version in a few days/when I have time.

We’re currently in talks about whether all four artists have time to do a little release party/viewing up at Drawn to Comics again, so check back soon for more details on that! It’d be in April, as a commemoration of Kirby’s death.

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