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Meet Your Character:

WRITERS: Ever sat down with one of your adoring fans/harangued friends and, upon discussing your latest work, realized they have THE COMPLETELY WRONG IDEA of what your character looks like?!

Never fear! Proof-design your characters HERE! With a limit of 500 words (excerpts OR full pages allowed), you can send Zuzu a passage of your character’s traits (attitude, physical, or otherwise!) and she’ll send you an idea of what you’ve created inside your readers’ heads!

Price: $10


Digital Sketch Commissions:

DRM-FREE commissions from Zuzu herself! See your OC, your favorite character, or your favorite ship illustrated in fully-penciled GLORY. Now, for these larger things HALF PAYMENT IS DUE UP FRONT, because you have no idea how many things get halfway-started and not followed up with, and I like eating T.T

Digital Bust: $20

Digital Full-Body: $30 ($10 extra for each additional character on the page)


Full-color Finished Commissions:


Tattoo designs! Watercolor OR Oil paintings! Comic Strips! These beauts’ come in a range of prices and settings. Each one is crafted to the customers’ specifications, and comes in digital AND physical flavors! Prices include a pre-approved sketch before the final piece is crafted, and HALF PAYMENT IS DUE UP FRONT.

Small (150pp x 150pp – 8.5″ x 11″) Digital: $50-100

Large (11″x17″) Digital: $101-250

Small (2.5″x3.5″ – 8.5″ x 11″) Physical: $70-150 PLUS printing costs

Large (11″x17″) Physical: $151-500 PLUS printing costs





Custom Animatics:

If you’ve seen Zuzu’s videos on Youtube, you know she’s got the most basic grasp of storyboarding, sound and video editing! You could get any number of cartoon whimsies “animated” and converted to an .MP3 format for a totally-custom greeting for a friend, loved one, or enemy!

$75 ($10 extra per minute)




Email Your Inquiries to – All Payments Accepted through Paypal