What’s inside the haunted hallways of this old brothel? Do you dare excite yourself, or do you run to the nearest exit? The decision is yours! Just don’t take too long deciding…

Welcome to this choose-your-own-adventure erotic-horror anthology! Featuring three (occasionally overlapping) storylines from the twisted minds and restless hands of three Arizona artists, this collection brings humor, horror and sexy fun as you placate demons, chase down a horseman, and text your way into trouble! Now in bedrooms and in bookshelves near you!

Just for peepers 18 and up!

Now Announcing Volume 2!

After [] years and a very warm reception from our readers, Zuzu Cartoons has decided to do a second edition, Screwing with You, Too! Here’s a couple things you need to know:

  1. This is a side-SIDE project, meaning that this is going to be squished between Re:Bomb!, comic pitches, and whatever-other-projects are going on. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be neglected, but it does mean that deadlines are going to be… flexible. We’re shooting for a Kickstarter for this puppy around September/ early October.
  2. It’d be helpful if you are familiar with the previous volume, in order to get as close to the original format as possible. One of the pitch requirements is that your submission must include element(s) from the original anthology theme: shape-shifting incubi/succubi, the ambiguous reader, brothel setting, void/galaxy-based demon powers, etc. If you have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, you can email me at zoensugg@gmail.com if you need some sample pages to look through, or purchase the entire book in my store. 🙂

Your Pitch!

I’ve re-formatted the way we’ll be doing pitches for this story: I’ll be writing the connections between entries. But the content? That’s up to you darlings.

The way it works:

You’ll submit your pitch below (teams of artists/writers are allowed!), which includes some basic info about yourself, approximate length of pages (1-4), and a summary of your story. Art samples (ie: your website or one of your comics) of past work from you/your team are required, but it’s not necessary that I see your SWY art before I accept your pitch. Note: Last time, the cartoonists did multiple storylines so you are allowed to submit up to 3 separate storylines to this volume!

After that, I come in! I will be responsible for the “connections” between storylines, meaning I’ll connect stories that go well together and create any extra pages that do so.

Pitch Requirements:

  1. 1-4 pages in length
  2. Art sample (anthology will be printed in Black-and-White so BW examples are best)
  3. Can submit up to 3 storylines
  4. Writing must be from a 2nd-person perspective (You’re the narrator/character talking TO the reader)
  5. Art must be from a 1st-person perspective (this is a choose-YOUR-own-adventure, meaning our reader is anyone! Hands/limbs, ambiguously-proportioned silhouettes, and 1st-person POV are all good ways to get around this challenge)
  6. Must include element(s) from the original anthology theme: shape-shifting incubi/succubi, ambiguous reader, brothel setting, void/galaxy-based demon powers, etc


That’ll be decided based on the Kickstarter. I’d like to budget for the payment of most indie anthologies – that is, $20 for each creator right off the bat, and more if the Kickstarter exceeds its goals. So the answer is one of those, “yes, in theory” things, but if you need paying work right NOW, you’ll have to look somewhere else I’m afraid.

Any changes to your work will be emailed over to you in the form of a request (ie: “Hey can you/I change this grammar error” or, “Hey I can connect this to four other stories if you use a gender-neutral pronoun here”). However, as this is a collaborative project you will not get to choose the work that I link up before/after yours.*

*Content concerns? Read below!

While this is an erotic horror anthology, it is also created with some core principles in mind:

  1. This is a consent-based anthology (meaning that even if we get kinky, it’s not gonna get… Unreadable. Safe words, people. Also, this mainly applies to the bedroom scenes: as in Vol 1, there’s gonna be all the usual horror elements of our readers getting eaten/jettisoned into an otherworldly void, and our succubi/incubi characters aren’t planning on stopping to ask if the reader is ok with that. It IS horror genre, after all!)
  2. This is a diverse anthology. We’ll be representing all sorts of body types and people- while the reader isn’t to be depicted in full, the people/creatures they interact with are limitless!