About They Have Issues:

In the late Summer of 2015, I popped onto a thread in The Valkyries Facebook page and asked a simple question:

“Hey, I noticed that a lot of us here are cartoonists. Would we want to do something with that?”

50-something likes and comments, and one year later, They Have Issues, a 67-page anthology with 18 contributors from around the world, home to 10 different minicomics, emerged on Kickstarter. The level of support was unreal, with the project becoming 154% funded, reaching a little under $7k in a month. I am so grateful to my contributors for their amazing and heartfelt stories, my editors for their help and passion, and of course all of the wonderful people who backed, tweeted, and helped boost our project! Thanks to all the big names and hometown friends and family that brought this project to life.

If you want to grab a copy for yourself, head over to the store!

If you’d like to check out all the stats and prizes we offered, as well as read our updates, head to the Kickstarter page!